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Marvaleous Entertainment Graphic Novel division is an ALL-NEW creation focusing on stories of heroes and villains in a classic setting of good vs evil! This website will preview our latest stories in the form of a DAILY COMIC STRIP which is all new everyday and will hold links to a store where you can buy digital copies of our books as well as print on demand copies, posters, prints and a MEMBERS ONLY section which will give you one free digital book a month and downloadable freebies as well as behind the scenes looks at how comics are made. Join us here each and everyday for new content!

At Marvaleous Entertainment we make the comics we want to read– and we hope you will too.   We believe after joining us you’ll be saying “MARVALEOUS ENTERTAINMENT MAKES COMICS FOR ME!”

We here at Marvaleous Entertainment and ME-GRAPHICNOVELS.com are dedicated to bringing back good old fashioned comic book stories with heroes and villains appropriate for all ages and loaded with excitement.  We are dedicated to producing books in an on timely manner out of respect to our supporters and readers who want to embark with us into the MGN Universe.

We pledge to keep our titles fun and exciting and never bury you with connecting stories or titles that make it impossible to know where to jump in!


We here at MGN are fans ourselves, but we had walked away from the comic book world for various reasons and decided to get back in but when we went to buy comics from the established publishers we found characters we didn’t recognize, too many anti-heroes, storylines that were too dark or confusing and worst of all multiple titles and storylines featuring our favorite characters where we had no idea how and where to get back in.

So we decided to start our own line and bring back what we loved about comics. Not just fun stories with great characters, but a sense of community with Memberships and Clubs, premiums and bonus items, secret codes and SO much more.